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Units 5-7 Luton Street
L5 9XR
# Description Product codes
2 19mm Drilled U Channel SAA 1.8m (19MM CHANNEL SAA) TCUCHAN18m-1
2 SAA L Section Headrail for 20mm Boards 1 Metre TCLHR1
1 SAA Toilet Roll Holder (T602SA) AC-T602SA
1 19mm SAA Indicator Bolt c/w keep (T204SA) AC-T204SA
1 19mm SAA Hinge c/w fixings (Pair) (19 HG SAA) TCHIN19-1
1 Fast-Fit WC Door 1800 x 635mm FFC-DOOR-W
2 Fast-Fit Side Pilaster 1800 x 150mm FFSPL-1-W
1 1 No Screw & T-Null Pack A TC-ACPKA

Box Size 1850 x 680 x 75mm Weight - 22 kg

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# Description Product codes
1 L section Headrail 2000mm SAA TCLHR2
2 Fast-Fit Split Partition 900 x 1800mm FFC-PARTITION-W
2 19MM Drilled Wall Fix U Channel SAA 1.8m TCUCHAN1.8m
1 19mm H Section 1800mm SAA TCHSECT-1
1 1 No Screw & T-Nut Pack B TC-ACPKB
1 Fast-Fit Box Leg TCFFLEG
1 Fast-Fit Centre Pilaster 1800 x 300mm FFCP-1-W

Box Size 2020 x 920 x 75mm Weight - 42 kg

Pack Details PDF Download

# Description Product codes
2 Fast-Fit Oversize Pilaster 1800 x 400mm FFOPL-1-W
2 19mm Drilled Wall Fix U Channel SAA 1.8mm TCUCHAN1.8m
2 Fast-Fit Box Leg TCFFLEG
1 1 No Screw & T-Nut Pack C TC-ACPKC

Box Size - 1870 x 460 x 45mm Weight - 19 kg

Pack Details PDF Download


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